Plot # 01 B, Lake View Commercial, Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi

State Of the Art Amenities at Mall of Eiffel-Mall of Islamabad

Projects In Bahria Town, A mixed commercial and residential project in Islamabad

Mall of Eiffel is the latest shopping mall of Islamabad in Bahria Town Phase 8. That is bound to leave you spellbound with its exquisite design and intricate design. Its name is reflective of the luxury and the exuberance that it stands for and it comes with the trust of Eiffel Group– a trusted name among Real Estate Developers in Islamabad. Located conveniently close to the astonishing Statue of Liberty and Eden Fountain Lake. It is easily accessible to all major communities of the city. Various international standard hospitals and educational institutes are located nearby.

The best part about this project is that it offers a multitude of amenities to its residents at a very reasonable starting price. Some of these are listed below.

Mall of Islamabad with Touch of Nature:

With our Aviary Theme in the Mall, you can relax your senses and meditate to let go of the stress of living urban life. The addition of the aviary section is the perfect place to calm your mind and rejuvenate yourself.

⮚ Feed Your Mind:

Mall of Eiffel boasts of a well-stocked library that is bound to satisfy the bibliophile in you. The elders can connect with fellow book lovers and enjoy an evening chatting about authors and plots.

⮚ Stay Fit & Healthy:

With our well-equipped gymnasium. You can work out all the calories and stress by exercising in the mall. This addition entitled it as Mall of Islamabad – a perfect sign of an active lifestyle that the modern buyer is looking for.

⮚ Have Fun, Stay Active

If working out is not the thing for you in the mall. Then we have a choice for you, you can also burn all the stress away while having fun with our games area. The ten-line Bowling Alley and ice-skating are the perfect gaming spots to show your competitive streak, and at the same time, also have a lot of fun which makes Mall of Eiffel the mall of Islamabad.


⮚ Kids’ Play Area:

It is difficult to shop with children. We realize this and therefore reserved a specified area as a children’s play area. So that you can free-worry shopping as well as it leads to the overall growth and development of your child. This is, without doubt, a very tempting reason to invest in this mall of Islamabad.

⮚ Cinema:

Imagine the pleasure that will be on the peak when all affluent amenities will be at one point from Branded outfits to delightful entertainment. Mall of Eiffel brings you all to enjoy the latest international & local films with your family & friends the way you want.

⮚ Exclusively Crafted Residences with Private Balcony Gardens:

It can also be a great venue for a classy high tea or a sundowner event for friends and family, for just gazing into the beautiful serene view. For bliss, for peace, for the breeze. For spotting migratory birds, for counting stars. Perfect for everything.

Mall of Eiffel is the perfect future shopping arena in Islamabad. Which is the answer to your idea of a perfect mall of Islamabad. This is the best investment in a capital city. It comes with the trust of one of the most reputed developers in Islamabad – the Eiffel Group. They are one of the most trusted Real Estate Developers in twin cities have some of the most renowned Luxury projects in the capital city Islamabad. Like Rozela Heights and ESC that speak for themselves. Mall of Eiffel is also set to become a shopping hub in Islamabad and you should hurry. And get your name etched in the Mall of Eiffel as a property owner here.


Are you Imagining living in a place offering enough space and opportunity for your pets and children to play and where your own living space will blossom with greenery? Mall of Eiffel, the Mall of Islamabad has beckoned your calling! Your perception of a secluded lifestyle has been appropriately addressed. Mall of Eiffel is a real estate development that is dedicatedly reserved with 9 floors for residential purposes. This luxury apartment and hotel suite floors are encased in the leafy embrace of nature with private garden balconies. It will help you adopt the pace of nature while being amid the spirited bustling city life. This sprawling project is being nested in the heart of Bahria Town, Islamabad.


Every individual apartment is designed with its own impressive private garden, which makes the mall of Eiffel, the mall of Islamabad. Flowering trees, the artistic topiary of bushes, a sparkling lake & an eccentric statue of liberty will form a part of your everyday views. Where you can appease your senses in an open environment on your terrace with a cup of coffee. Owning an apartment in the mall of Eiffel, the mall of Islamabad gifts you that surplus of space you always dreamed of having.

Beautifully Crafted Interior:

The apartments and hotel suites at the mall of Eiffel are known for their beautifully crafted interior detailing that add to their magnific charm. They are well-appointed clean yet classy interiors tailor-made to your tastes. Interiors are the most important part of this project that makes titles it as the mall of Islamabad for many luxury living seekers. Further, the mall of Eiffel conscientiously takes care of every aspect a dweller can expect for. And that is what that amongst many real estate companies in Islamabad Eiffel Group with its ground-level expertise and professionalism is on the top. It is well-known for delivering the first-class lifestyle that you have long been seeking!

Get more knowledge of THE GRAND RETURN In the Mall of Islamabad:

Mall of Eiffel may be surrounded by the most tranquil setting in Bahria Town Islamabad. It is in close proximity to the business district, international health & educational institutes.


Besides, it is just a few minutes away from other popular societies like DHA, PWD, Scheme 3. As well as it is being soundly connected to the rest of the city’s parts. Moreover, the handsome and comfortable luxury apartments at the mall of Eiffel come with recreational facilities that are upscale and urban, the amenities will give you a heaven-on-earth feeling. They include rooftop amenities, 24/7 security, smart locks, CCTV monitoring, VIP elevators, lifetime maintenance, reception, indoor games, and much more. As an inhabitant, you will have access to all of these features. This best mall of Islamabad promises its residents utmost privacy even when it comes to parking. Every apartment & hotel suite owner will have its own stilt parking space.

Nature’s Therapy:

Mall of Eiffel is a source to be caressed by nature’s miracles every day. Each day with wonderful scenic views of beautiful Bahria, your garden and aviary in the mall will feel like you’re living beautiful poetry. where you hear the magical chirp of new species of bird around you. In simple it’s a place to feel like royalty in a realm rich with space and nature.


Now let’s discuss what makes it an ideal mall of Islamabad, it is Bahria Town. Bahria Town is the finest example of luxury living in Asia. History is witnessed about Bahria’s rapid progress and development. Other areas of the investment may fluctuate but real estate investment in Bahria Town Islamabad is always considered as profitable.


Buying your place at the mall of Eiffel will be a great asset of investment in Pakistan. This address is one of the most premium societies in Asia. It is one of the most upcoming addresses for the investors, visitors & residents in Islamabad.


Besides, apartment-living has never gone out of stylishness & making an investment in it too. These luxury residencies at the mall of Islamabad also come with the latest security backing & smart locks. This includes 24 X 7 surveillance systems, burglar alarms, security personnel & digital locks, etc. This further adds to this perfect future mall in Islamabad. Due to its perfect location, the price is going to surge in the future. So, you can make a great capital investment.

Smartest Investment of Contemporary Living:

Besides, the best mall of Islamabad, the mall of Eiffel is clearly the most reliable investment choice owing to the princely lifestyle, the security, and natural views. It is the smartest investment of contemporary living in the capital city.


The investment process becomes more stress-free when your investment gives a guarantee to be a stable source of financial security. The apartments here are properly managed by the Eiffel Group with western amenities. They can literally be listed as the best apartments for sale in the best mall of Islamabad. Contemporary, authentic, and nature-kissed! These are the perfect words, to sum up, residences at the mall of Eiffel!


So, if you are thinking of making a profitable investment in the best mall in Islamabad, the mall of Eiffel will ease your procedure and facilitate your decision!

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