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Property In Islamabad – Things to Know Before You Invest

Owning a Property in Islamabad can be considered prestigious, with its property rates consistently being amongst the highest in Pakistan. And if you’re on the buyer’s horse, it can be tempting to dive in, with little care for making it out of the market perfect. However, navigating the buyer’s side of a realty transaction in Islamabad’s real estate climate can be tricky. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you take the plunge.


Learn To Look Past Incentives:

Here’s an easy way to do this – keep in mind that you’re investing. Investments are for long-term gains, though incentives can offer only short-term utility.


Why is this important?

Realtors in Islamabad have made the news for the different incentives they’ve been offering property hunters if they buy property in Islamabad. You will come across sellers that will even offer higher discounts, merging, and higher monthly rental yields. A few have even given files and forms.


But it’s important to stick to your guns – and remind yourself that you’re investing and start thinking like an investor.


Figure Out the Going Rate:

This may seem obvious, but far too many people decide to wing it on the research. You can set your budget once you know the average per-square-foot price across different areas. Preferably, your budget should be sensitive to the kind of area you want to buy real estate in.


Islamabad has held records in Pakistan for the highest prices on realty sales, with prices of property in Islamabad having gone over Residential plots – Rs35,000. House – Rs40,000. Commercial property – Rs100,000. Flats – Rs5,000.


Analyze The State of The Market:

The market almost always favors either buyers or sellers. When you’re buying, you need to be able to adequately generate extra income from the property through rent or lease – and then sell it at a huge profit. On the contrary, the market is in ‘sell-mode’ when the flow of income is poor, or if the market seems set to crash soon.


Compute Your Rental Yield:

Take a brief view of the rental yields coming from a property you are looking for. Either, it is positive or negative. It is a powerful criterion in deciding whether to purchase property or not.


If you are not sure how much you will earn as rent, you can have an idea from the ongoing rental rate in nearby properties.


The rental yield for a property in Islamabad is higher, in terms of return. The city is taking advantage of being the capital city of Pakistan.


Prioritize Location Over-Size or Amenities:

Whether or not you are going to actually live in a property that you have bought, therefore must consider a locational advantage. It is okay if your budget forces you to compromise on the size of a property, but never compromise on the location. Investing in the key areas of Islamabad will be more beneficial in the long run than investing in the suburbs.


Best property in Islamabad options

Mall of Eiffel, The Mid Mall, and Rozela Heights is the top Highrise projects in Islamabad. They are offering higher monthly rental + easy down payment and installment plan than the other market. All these projects are being built in the heart of Bahria Town Islamabad. With the very prime locations, no option can be better than this. You can book your shop, office, apartment, or hotel suites with the 25% down payment. However, the rest of the amount can be paid in a 4-year easy installment plan.


Who should I choose to buy property in Islamabad?

Eiffel Estate is Pakistan’s leading real estate company that combines property search, real estate investment, and commercial and residential management, thereby catering to consumers’ complete property needs. It also provides tips and suggestions on property investment, real estate basics, and community living.


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