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Here Are the top shopping malls in Rawalpindi/Islamabad!

Islamabad is well known around the world as the best place to shop. Millions of people coming from different parts of the cities and the world often come here to do their shopping. There are so many shopping destinations selling quality brand items at very reasonable prices. Ultimately, there are indeed great finds here that buyers can’t resist. And, the visitors from Islamabad city always take bulks of shopping items when they return to their homes.


Moreover, Islamabad ranks no. 2 in the list of most beautiful capitals in the world. So, there is no comparison to the gorgeousness of Islamabad in terms of the varying scenery and weather conditions.

Apart from its magnificent and delicate scenery. Islamabad city is also one of the top cities in Pakistan to invest in. And, in this blog, we will let you know the best shopping malls in Islamabad to shop from. Or further invest in.


  1. Mall of Eiffel:

The Mall of Eiffel is at the top of the list. When it comes to one-stop shopping malls in Islamabad. It comes on the top in providing the finest quality finds. Including designer items from clothing to furniture and other wares. The mall is accessible and spacious for every shopper’s comfort in the capital city.

Further, it is at a prominent location in Phase 8 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi. And it is built in a way that its glass windows provide a lovely view of the Statue of Liberty & Dancing Lake.


It is also a famous tourist destination because of the many famous cafes & food brands that have their branches here. As well as, Mall of Eiffel is a hub of extracurricular activities. Furthermore, it offers amazing indoor gaming zones for Bowling and ice skating. You will also find the world-class, gym, spa, Cinema, and dedicated kids’ area inside the mall.


  1. The Mid Mall:

Right in the back of the Mall of Eiffel. You will spot The Mid Mall with an inspiring structure. And also, the most renowned tourist attractions. So, if you want to go for an outing. Then The Mid Mall is in the best shopping malls in Islamabad where you can hang out & live.

In addition, the structure consists of a seven-story commercial and residential sector. Besides, this massive retail mall provides everything from fashion to footwear, and accessories. One can find the best quality made items from both locals and abroad brands. If you are on a food trip, there are almost an unlimited number of cuisines to find the best taste. That you can choose from The Mid Mall.

As mentioned earlier people can also buy a shop in The Mid Mall to have a better return. Swiss International Hotels & Resorts is an added perk to this mall’s value.

Additionally, the amenities that The Mid Mall is offering. Swimming Pool, Gym, and Spa. dining options are also available that the mall’s famous serving. The best Pakistani, Thai and Chinese. Therefore, if you get tired of shopping. You might want to rest and relax at the affordable 4- star international hotels in The Mid Mall.


  1. Rozela Heights:


Rozela Heights is also a mixed Commercial + residential complex in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Consequently, if you are looking for branded names in fashion, this is where you must visit. They have shopping spaces, the world’s best dining, and cinemas where you can relax after shopping.

In addition, it is well-known for its magnificent shopping complexes and malls in Rawalpindi. And, the most important attractions for shopaholics and to several fantastic businesses. Those who are intended to sell high-quality goods at relatively inexpensive costs.


It’s again a 14-story shopping mall having both domestic and international brands inside it. Furthermore, this renowned retail center’s distinctive architecture has appealed to Islamabad residents.


Rozela Heights has the following amenities mentioned below.


Food Court


Swimming Pool

Aviary Theme


Kids Play Area


As well as the Rozela Heights has a fitness center, a spa, and grooming centers.

  1. Al-Jannat Mall, Islamabad

It is a three-story retail mall with a wonderful play area and other facilities. The Al-Jannat mall is one of the best and recommended shopping malls in Islamabad. Where one can enjoy immense shopping with so many amazing quality products. There are pretty great finds here and convenient shopping is very much appreciated. Shoppers can always find all the things that fit their fashion and style. In short, this is truly a one-of-a-kind shopping mall any shoppers must visit.


  1. Olympus Mall:

Shopping malls in Islamabad


This is another one of the finest shopping malls in Islamabad. Consequently, it also comes in Islamabad’s one of the most delinquent visionary ventures into the domain of retail. The architectural design is inspired by the Greek archaeological style. Which makes it eccentric from other shopping malls in Islamabad. Olympus mall houses a lot of high-end facilities.

Located at a premium commercial and residential sector of F-11 Markaz. It is an eye-catching vista in the capital city. Further, a large number of visitors visit the Olympus Mall in search of a unique shopping experience. As it offers a variety of brands to select from. Likewise, a food court with a range of options. And roof-top dining adds to the delightful menu. The kids’ area to the parents browses in peace while their children play.

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